Where to find Frigibax in Pokemon GO, and can it be Shiny?

Where to find Frigibax in Pokemon GO, and can it be Shiny?
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The introduction of Gen 9 Pokemon into Pokemon Go has Trainers worldwide rushing to fill their Pokedexes with new creatures. For those familiar with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, this is the first opportunity to catch many favorites from Paldea on GO. Frigibax is one of those and is popular because of its fearsome evolution line ending in the Ice/Dragon type, Baxcalibur. Without further ado, let me show you where to find Frigibax in Pokemon GO and if it can be Shiny.

Where to find Frigibax in Pokemon GO, and can it be Shiny?

Frigibax can be found as a wild spawn, along with the other Gen 9 Pokemon. According to the official Pokemon GO website, Frigibax is available as a wild spawn throughout the Ultra Unlock: Paldea event, which runs until 16 September 2023. When the event concludes, you can still find Frigibax in the 10km egg pool. If you want to avoid rolling the dice on eggs and a ton of walking, catch every Frigibax you see on the map and use your Pinap Berries for more candy. Remember, the Pinap Berry bonus only applies to the next Pokeball you throw. If Frigibax escapes, you must throw another Berry if you want the extra candy.

You can evolve Frigibax into Arctibax with 25 candies. A further 100 evolves Arctibax into the almighty Baxacalibur. I know how tempting it is to evolve Frigibax at the earliest opportunity, but I recommend holding off until you have one with a 3-star appraisal rating. Baxcalibur’s unique Ice/Dragon typing means it has potential in PvP and even Raids, so you’re better off waiting for the perfect Pokemon.

Can Frigibax be shiny in Pokemon GO?

At the time of writing, Frigibax nor its evolutions can be Shiny in Pokemon GO. This is par for the course, as Niantic often releases Shiny variants of Pokemon after the standard version debuts. As Baxcalibur is a pseudo-legendary Pokemon, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shiny variants come with Raids or special events.

Is Frigibax good in PvP?

Frigibax isn’t much good in PvP, but Baxcalibur definitely is. Baxcalibur’s moveset and decent stats make it a force to be reckoned with, particularly in Master League. Dragon Breath is a superb Fast Move. The threat of Avalanche and Dragon Claw can force opponents to spend shields, and Baxcalibur’s health pool means it can stay in the fight for a good while.

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