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Where to find Koltin in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom features a traveling merchant named Koltin. He’s an eccentric sort, which is nothing new for the franchise. He’s also a bit difficult to find, which also isn’t unusual. Fortunately, this guide tells you where to find Koltin in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Tears of the Kingdom – where to find Koltin

Koltin trades otherwise useless Bubbul Gems for more useful items, including the Bokoblin Mask, Lizalfos Mask, and Lynel Mask. Along the way, he also provides the three pieces that comprise the Mystic armor set.

To find the roaming merchant Koltin, you must search at night in the hills around stables or towns. He doesn’t stick to any one location. Instead, he travels around the land and usually appears somewhere nearby as night falls.

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The first time you meet with Koltin, he will always be in the same location: near Woodland Stable. He and his brother appear outside a small cave. You can talk to them and find a local Bubbulfrog, which causes Koltin to start his tour of Hyrule. We describe the first encounter in more depth in our guide explaining how to get the Bokoblin Mask, which happens during that first encounter.

Thereafter, you will find Koltin and his shop only between 10PM and 4AM. He settles down on a hillside overlooking a nearby place of interest, such as Lookout Landing, or Tarrey Town, or a stable.

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When you need to find Koltin, warp to a tower shortly after 10PM. I like to start with the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower. Launch into the air and scan the landscape. If Koltin is nearby, you should see his shop. It looks like a large, multi-colored orb with sparkles. He travels using a glowing balloon vehicle. This makes him easy to spot from a distance, even in poor weather.

Once you find Koltin, reach him before he closes his shop for the night. If you are already in the air, you can paraglide over to him. If he doesn’t appear near the first population center you check, fast travel to another Skyview Tower, or to a shrine near a town or stable. He often appears on a distant hillside near Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower if you fast travel to Rasitakiwak Shrine and then journey north past Tarrey Town. I typically don’t have to check more than two or three places to find him. Just start with good vantage points. If one night’s search is fruitless, pass time until night at Lookout Landing or elsewhere and then start over again.

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