How to get the Bokoblin Mask in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How To Get Bokoblin Mask In Tears Of The Kingdom Find Quest Unlock Zelda

The Bokoblins are a common nuisance in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which is why knowing how to get the mask that disguises Link among them is useful for avoiding the hordes. You’ll be able to sneak around among them while wearing this mask to avoid time-consuming fights, or set up for Sneakstrikes to cause critical damage on them.

Bokoblin Mask location and quest in Tears of the Kingdom

Fortunately the quest to get the Bokoblin Mask is not that demanding as long as you know the steps. Start the quest by finding the character Kilton at Pico Pond. Keep a look out for the colorful air balloon and he’ll be right beside it and the entrance to a cave. The coordinates are 1209, 1208, 0020.

Speaking to Kilton starts off the quest with a dialogue regarding his concern for his brother Koltin in the nearby cave. Koltin soon emerges though and the brothers argue over his quest to transform himself into a legendary Satori. Koltin continues to rant about his obsession with achieving the transformation and then asks you to help in exchange for a reward. That reward of course is the Bokoblin Mask, and Koltin wants you to find a Bubbul Gem to induce the transformation.

Pico Pond Cave How To Get Bokoblin Mask In Tears Of The Kingdom Zelda Frog Bubbel Gems

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In order to get a Bubbul Gem, you need to find and beat a Bubbulfrog. For whatever reason, Koltin didn’t see the massive glowing Bubbulfrog on the roof of the nearby cave he just left. Simply head into that cave, shoot the Bubbulfrog off the ceiling, and then finish it off to receive the Bubbul Gem.

Koltin will of course be thrilled with your achievement and the chance to finally turn himself into a Satori. You will receive the Bokoblin Mask, and he will immediately eat the Bubbul Gem, except, nothing changes to him. He claims that more will surely initiate the transformation though, should you wish to continue aiding him by finding more Bubbul Gems for more rewards.

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