Destiny 2 Memory Impassive Darkness Prismatic Chest
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Where to find Memory Impassive Darkness Prismatic Chest in Destiny 2

A leap of faith.

With the Final Shape comes a whole new Prismatic class to put together. To complete the class and grab all the shards and abilities, you’ll need to find the various hidden locations, like the Memory Impassive Darkness chest, through quests around The Pale Heart in Destiny 2.

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Memory: Impassive Darkness location

To find the Memory: Impassive Darkness chest, you’ll have to do the old “jump off the map” trick that Destiny 2 loves so much. Head to the location marked on the map and drop down. Don’t worry, there are ledges you can use.

Destiny 2 Memory Impassive Darkness Location
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Once you have dropped onto the ledge below, look around for the Prismatic chest. It will be the purple glowing box located on the ledge. Pop that bad boy open, and your Guardians Prismatic subclass will gain a legendary.

How to unlock Memory: Impassive Darkness

Like many of the Memories located around The Pale Heart in Destiny 2, the Impassive Darkness chest can only be unlocked once you have dispelled a certain amount of chests. These chests are located all over the Pale Heart location.

The chests that require Expunging are corrupted with what looks like vines. When you interact with them, there will be a task that you will need to finish. Completing the task will unlock the chest, which usually rewards you with some sweet loot.

Destiny 2 Expunging Chest 2
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It is a good idea to try to get your hands on as many of these chests as possible. The more you unlock, the more memories will be shown on The Pale Heart map. Each one will only improve your Prismatic subclass.

Dispel five of these chests to reveal the location of the Memory: Impassive Darkness chest in Destiny 2. It should show up on your map, but it can be a little tricky to find. Use the guide above to locate it.

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