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Where to find Pointed Scales in Wild Hearts

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Upgrading your gear in Wild Hearts is one of the key elements of the game. Everything you do will feed back into upgrading your gear at some point in the game, whether that’s hunting monsters, small Kemono, or even catching little critters to keep as pets. One of the things you’ll need while upgrading your gear in Wild Hearts is Pointed Scales, which you’ll come across after you reach Chapter 2 or so. You use these in the mid-game to improve your weapons at the Forge and through Natsume in Minato. If you’re wondering where to find Pointed Scales in Wild Hearts, here’s our guide on how to do so. 

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Wild Hearts: Hunting down Pointed Scales

You can find Pointed Scales in Wild Hearts simply by killing the mobs named Shardshower Monitor and Nightshade Monitor. These two are Small Kemono of the same family, and are relatively similar in appearance. They’re basically large lizards. You can find the Nightshade Monitors in the Akikure Canyon location in Wild Hearts, and are reliably in the Last Bastion Ruins section of the map. You can set up a camp there and reload the game to reliably gather Pointed Scales in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Pointed Scales Location

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For the Shardshower Monitors, you can find them in Fuyufusagi Fort in the western part of the map. Again, you can set up a camp there and reload to cut down on the grind.

Petting these creatures doesn’t give you any Pointed Scales; it gives you another item of loot entirely. The only way to find Pointed Scales in Wild Hearts is via killing these creatures and then removing the scales yourself. 

You also can’t be too late into the chapter if you want to find Pointed Scales. In the late-game they get swapped with Sharp Scales in the loot pool. This means you should probably go to an earlier chapter if you’re looking for Pointed Scales in particular. We tested in Chapter 2 at Akikure Canyon, and the Nightshade Monitors there seemed to drop Pointed Scales for us.

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