Where to find Tsuchi the Seaweed Collector in Dave the Diver

Where To Find Tsuchi The Seaweed Collector In Dave The Diver
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Many quests in Dave the Diver will have you extensively exploring the Blue Hole. In this diving adventure and restaurant simulator indie game, one of your quests asks you to find the Seaweed Collector. The only hint to finding Tsuchi is by following jellyfish traces. If you’re wondering where to find Tsuchi the Seaweed Collector, keep reading this Dave the Diver guide.

Dave the Diver: Where to find Jellyfish Traces for ‘Finding the Seaweed Collector’

After doing a few quests for Mima in the Sea People Village, she’ll ask that you find Tsuchi’s house. Where you can find Tsuchi the Seaweed Collector in Dave the Diver is on the western side of the Blue Hole Depths, around 170 meters below surface.

Where To Find Tsuchi The Seaweed Collector In Dave The Diver Jellyfish Traces

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The first thing you should do once you obtain this quest is leave the Sea People Village through the front gate. You’re too deep underwater, so swim northwards until you get to around 180 meters deep. You should find yourself in the area where you broke the wooden boards that covered an open hole. Then, swim northwest, and you should spot the starting trails of jellyfish traces. Dave will point them out as soon as he sees them.

The jellyfish traces will continue in a western direction. Keep swimming along the trail until Dave spots Tsuchi’s house. You can’t miss it, it’s the area with tons of hostile jellyfish, and you’ll notice a colorful home in a cavern wall. Head inside, and you’ll see Tsuchi struggling to calm down his sea turtle.

Where To Find Tsuchi The Seaweed Collector In Dave The Diver Turtle

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There’s something stuck inside her throat, so grab onto her tail, and spam the ‘Spacebar’. If successful, Dona the sea turtle will spit out a plastic bag. The quest is complete, and you can return to Mima for a reward of 50 Bei.

Dave the Diver is available on Steam.

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