Windjammers 2 Announced, Will Also Be Released For Pc

I must admit, I wasn’t too familiar with Windjammers at first. The frisbee, err, the disc-throwing game was originally released for the Neo Geo ages ago in 1994. It has since been released for the Wii Virtual Console, as well as the PS4 and Vita. And, it looks as though PC players will have a chance to battle it out in the sequel, Windjammers 2 when it releases next year. Check the announcement trailer from DotEmu below.

Windjammers 2

What made me more familiar with Windjammers was via UpUpDownDown. WWE wrestler Xavier Woods manages the channel. Woods loves to play retro games and he often mentioned Windjammers as one of his favorites. Watching the wrestlers have fun while playing Windjammers definitely made me more intrigued.

And just like that, I thought to myself: “How cool would it be if they remade the game or released a sequel for modern systems?” Well, that thought came to fruition. All I need to do now is wait for the game to come out.

We do not know much yet about Windjammers 2. The game will be out in 2019, and it will be available for both the PC and Nintendo Switch. Naturally, PC Invasion will keep you updated with more news. For now, check out Xavier Woods and other WWE superstars enjoying the original game.

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