Wo Long: How to do side missions and replay main quests featured

Wo Long: How to do side missions and replay main quests

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If you weren’t aware, not only does Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty have a plethora of side missions, but you can freely replay missions you’ve already completed with ease. You can always move elsewhere or return somewhere you’ve previously been if you want to farm for essence or just grind out some gear to salvage for upgrades. You can also go back and plant any flags you may have missed the first time around. The game’s side missions are fairly short, though, and can sometimes be completed in just a few minutes, but they offer a good change of pace from the more intense main missions. Here’s how to do side missions and replay main quests in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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To play side missions or replay previous missions, you only need to rest at a planted flag. From there, you’ll notice an option that says “travel.” Select this and you’ll then see the game’s missions divided by chapter. You can scroll through each chapter and look at all the missions and side missions that you can pick from. Simply select one and you’ll be moved from your current position to that other location immediately. You can also use the travel feature to go to your base in the hidden village or undertake training missions.

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It’s wise to do side missions and replay main missions in Wo Long

Side missions in Wo Long are all set in the same levels as the main missions. They often start with your back to the boss arena and you frequently have to walk the reverse of the route you originally traveled. Many of these side missions are like bite-sized versions of the main missions and have you tracking down places to plant flags to raise your fortitude rank and create new locations from which to respawn. Some have you fight waves of enemies. Others might just see you face a tough foe or two, which can include some bosses from the main missions. Getting these done is often fairly easy, so make sure to try them all out.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available on Steam and PC Game Pass.

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