Team 17 has revealed to IncGamers the new weapons for Worms Reloaded and explained how they work.
While speaking to IncGamers in a interview today, studio head Martyn Brown has detailed six of the new weapons for the game, The Three Ferrets, Termites, Worship, Steal, Invisibility and Marked For Death.

The Three Ferrets – when selected, your worm deploys three ferrets, one by one, in the direction the worm is currently facing. The ferrets scurry their way through tunnels, or across the landscape, exploding on impact causing damage to any worms they come into contact with. The three ferrets are ideal for getting at enemy worms with ‘Darkside’ tactics – such as those who choose to dig in and hide away. Not only that, but the Ferrets can be used to reach places your worm cannot get to!
Termites – when used, three termites are released from your worm.  The termites then create tunnels within the landscape – ideal for travelling in safety, away from the surface.
Worship – upon selecting the Worship item from the inventory, the player then deploys a totem onto the landscape which when active will add 2 points of health per turn to the players team, while removing 2 points of health per turn from the enemy. The totem can be destroyed, or its effects countered, by the use of another totem – so placement and protection is very important.
Steal – Steal allows you to take an item from your opponent’s inventory and add it to yours.
Invisibility – once used, all of your worms become invisible to your opponent. Very fiendish!
Marked for Death – by placing a Marked for Death on your opponent’s worms, a dark rain cloud appears above their heads. Now, I’m no expert but that doesn’t sound too nice? Why not attack them and see you’ll cause additional damage to them!

Worms Reloaded was announced last week and will take major influence from the Worms 2: Armageddon for XBLA.
Returning to 2D action Worms Reloaded launches later this month, pre-order from Steam today to receive a 10% discount.

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