Wuthering Waves Intro Skill
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Wuthering Waves Intro and Outro Skills explained and how to use them

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Intro and Outro skills are powerful abilities that you should be banking on to synergize your party. The fate of your combat encounters could depend on it.

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What are Intro and Outro Skills in Wuthering Waves?

Intro and Outro Skills are abilities that each resonator automatically performs when switching in or out of combat, but only if certain requirements are met.

These will be different for every resonator and will either damage enemies or provide useful buffs or abilities. You should carefully and efficiently switch out your resonators to provide buffs and deal damage where appropriate.

Wuthering Waves Outro Skill
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You could switch every time you get the chance to use one of these skills, but strategic players would only use these Skills when appropriate. Learn the Skills of your resonators to switch in and out, not just to deal more damage, but to stack buffs and healing accordingly to benefit your main DPS resonator.

To view the Intro and Outro Skills of your resonators, go to the Resonators page in the pause menu. Select the resonator you wish and go to the attack upgrade page, called “Forte” menu. To the very right will be a description of the Intro Skill, which can be upgraded. At the bottom, without an upgrade tree, will be the description of the Outro Skill.

For example, Rover’s Intro and Outro Skill are:

Rover Intro SkillRover attacks the target, dealing Spectro damage.
Rover Outro SkillRover generates a stasis field which pauses enemies within it for 3 seconds.

Knowing these will allow you to better coordinate your combat encounters.

Now that you know what exactly Intro and Outro Skills are in Wuthering Waves, let’s go over how they work.

How to use Intro and Outro Skills in Wuthering Waves

Intro and Outro Skills need the same activation requirement across all resonators.

To the left of your health, shown by a circle, is your Concerto meter. You gain Concerto as you attack and dodge, so it fills passively as you battle. When this bar is full, you’ll notice that the icons of your other party members will start glowing.

Wuthering Waves Intro And Outro Skills
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Upon switching with one of them, your current resonator will be drained of their Concerto, and will trigger their Outro Skill. The moment your next resonator switches, their Intro Skill will trigger, so they’ll happen almost simultaneously.

Knowing the Outro Skill of your current resonator and the Intro skill of your next resonator will allow you to better coordinate your synergies in combat. In combat, there are six different Intro and Outro combos that can happen in your team of three – so experiment!

Now that you know all about Intro and Outro Skills in Wuthering Waves, you’ll be unstoppable. So long as you know and use the other combat skills, like counterattacking.

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