Wuthering Waves Investigate The Thief Of Camp Supplies
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Wuthering Waves: Investigate the theft of camp supplies quest guide

Time for detective work.

One of the many side quests available in Wuthering Waves is “Investigate the theft of camp supplies,” and this quest guide will help you figure out where to find the clues and reveal the culprit.

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How to find the clues in “Investigate the theft of camp supplies” side quest

Once you begin this side quest, you’ll be tasked with examining the area for clues. This can be a tricky one to figure out if you don’t know where to look or who to talk to. The easiest way to spot clues is to use the Sensor ability. This should immediately warn you about the footprints on the ground not too far from the NPC you got the quest from.

  • Footprints
  • Wuthering Waves Investigate The theft Of Camp Supplies Box
  • Documents

The next clue is this box that doesn’t seem like a clue at all until you trigger it with your Sensor Utility. Finally, you’ll find the last clue right across from the NPC you chatted with. You’ll find documents sitting on a table with a blue light.

Wuthering Waves Investigate The theft Of Camp Supplies Wuheng
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Aside from these clues, you’ll need to talk to some NPCs to get some information. I chatted with Tianlang, Young Midnight Ranger, and anyone else who had a yellow name above them. They were typically important NPCs that I could interrogate for information.

Who is the thief of camp supplies?

Wuthering Waves Investigate The Thief Of Camp Supplies Choice
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Upon speaking with Beigu you’ll be given three different names to choose for who took the supplies. The correct answer in the quest “Investigate the theft of camp supplies” in Wuthering Waves is Wuheng. After picking this answer, you and Beigu will talk to Wuheng about our suspicions.

I was correct in my thinking since Wuheng told us where they left the supplies after an accident happened. It requires you to lower the water level and find the box of supplies with no harm done to Wuheng.

After completing the quest I was granted 30 Astrites, 200 Union EXP, and 10,000 Shell Credits. That’s all that had to be done for the “Investigate the theft of camp supplies” side quest in Wuthering Waves!

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