Wuthering Waves Journal Of Jinzhou
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Wuthering Waves Journal of Jinzhou Vol. 1 quest guide: All answers, explained

A little magazine test.

Nothing like a friendly and innocent survey to spice things up in Wuthering Waves. Here are all the answers for the Journal of Jinzhou Vol. 1 quest in Wuthering Waves.

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All answers for the Journal of Jinzhou Vol. 1 quest in Wuthering Waves

The Journal of Jinzhou Vol. 1 quest is one of the many side quests you first receive in Wuthering Waves. You can start the quest by traveling to Jinzhou city – it should appear on our map. However, you will first have to complete the Ominous Star main quest for the first batch of side quests to appear in the world, so quit sidetracking and complete it if you haven’t.

Wuthering Waves Journal Of Jinzhou Location
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Once you arrive at the quest location you will meet two girls named Yingzhu and Xingzhu. They want to create a magazine but are struggling with creating content that separates itself from previous academic papers – Yingzhu works at the textbook department of the Jinzhou Institute. To help them with their popular magazine, you must answer three questions correctly – although you can get them wrong without any repercussions. Talk with Yingzhu after your initial contact and you will trigger the first question:

  • Q: What is the Sentinel of Jinzhou called?
  • A: Jué
Wuthering Waves Journal Of Jinzhou Question 1
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Once again, talk again with Yingzhu and she will ask you the second question, which sounds overly technical for a popular magazine, but I digress:

  • Q: Which department of the Huaxu Academy is responsible for making Tacetite Weapons?
  • A: Department of Safety
Wuthering Waves Journal Of Jinzhou Question 2
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Finally, talk with Xingzhu who will ask you a cooking question, which is a bit more appropriate.

  • Q: Which of these isn’t in the recipe for famous Spicy Pulled Chicken?
  • A: Caltrop
Wuthering Waves Journal Of Jinzhou Question 3
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In case you are wondering, no, the caltrop answer isn’t referring to the area denial weapon but to the plant used in cooking as a thickener – thank goodness, I wouldn’t want my stomach to get punctured from the inside. But anyway, these are all the correct answers for the Journal of Jinzhou Vol. 1 quest! You will receive some Shell Credits, Astrite, and other rewards for your troubles, so save them for a rainy day.

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