Wuthering Waves Journal Of Jinzhou Vol. 2
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Wuthering Waves Journal of Jinzhou Vol. 2 quest guide: All answers, explained

Another trivia from the magazine sisters.

This sisters’ magazine surely has a lot of varied content in its pages. Here are all the answers for the Journal of Jinzhou Vol. 2 side quest in Wuthering Waves.

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How to complete Journal of Jinzhou Vol. 2 quest in Wuthering Waves

As the name of this side quest will suggest, Journal of Jinzhoy Vol. 2 is the second part of an ongoing side questline that involves you answering the correct questions asked by Yingzhu and Xingzhu. To unlock this quest you will need to complete Journal of Jinzhou Vol. 1 first and then wait 24 real-time hours – no, waiting in-game won’t do anything. You can find Yingzhu and Xingzhu on the east side of Jinzhou city right outside Huaxy Academy.

Wuthering Waves Journal Vol. 2 Location
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What will differentiate this volume of the Journal of Jinzhou quests from the previous one is that the questions you get will vary depending on which sister you interact with. Yingzhu has a pool of two questions from which to pick one randomly while Xingzhu only has one question for you. Again, like the previous side quest, it does not matter if you choose the wrong answer, but if you are like me, you want to pass the test with honors, so check out all the answers in the table below:

What Plant is Called the “Midnight Rangers’ Friend”?XingzhuNoctemint
What is the official name of the “Gourds” Huanglong Resonators Carry?YingzhuPangu Terminal
What is the official name for the Midnight Rangers?YingzhuVanguards
Wuthering Waves Journal Vol. 2 Xingzhu Question
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Out of all the side quests included in Wuthering Waves, these are by far the shortest ones, but don’t leave them on the back burner for too long. After all, these are great quests to continue to gather Union Level XP, which is of vital importance given the amount of content locked behind Union Level. Anyway, the sisters say this won’t be the last time they’ll quiz you for an entry in their Journal of Jinzhou, so prepare yourself to give the correct answers – or not – in a future opportunity.

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