Wuthering Waves Lingering Tunes locations and farming route
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Wuthering Waves Lingering Tunes locations and farming route

Min-max your Echo economy.

Farming Routes offer easy access to specific Echoes to bolster your squad. If you’re up for some target farming, let me show you some Wuthering Waves Lingering Tunes locations and farming routes.

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What is an Echo Farming Route in Wuthering Waves?

Echos in Wuthering Waves have designated spawns. While they take a day to reappear, you can follow these routes to farm them. Routes like this are ideal if you’re after specific stats and don’t want to waste time killing everything on the map.

In this guide, I’ll show you four accessible routes to find Lingering Tune Echoes. With this in mind, most of the markers on the maps below show the location of Spearbacks (bears) and Hooscamps.

If you’re struggling to follow the maps, you can open your own map in the game and place custom markers like mine. This way, you can track each one so you don’t get lost, and they won’t disappear until you manually remove them.

You can use routes like these to farm any Echo type. If you’re using Encore, for example, you’d want a route focused on Sun-Sinking Eclipse Echoes.

Distribution Center Route

Wuthering Waves Lingering Tunes locations and farming route
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This route has six targets up for grabs, and you can start at the Beacon at the Distribution Center. I’ve tried to keep the backtracking to a minimum, but you’ll have to climb a few walls to reach the first Echo.

Once you’ve beaten your first Spearback, the rest of the targets are much easier to reach. Follow the path east to stock up on Lingering Tune Echoes.

Giant Banyan Route

Screenshot: PC Invasion

There are a couple of routes here, as it’s much quicker to Fast Travel than to walk to all four markers. If you start at the beacon to the west, the first marker is usually a group of Hooscamp in the river, while the next marker is a pair of Spearbacks.

From the beacon to the east, carefully glide down to the first target, where you should find a Spearback. You’ll find two more at the second marker.

This route is a little disjointed, but you get a ton of value for minimal effort.

Withering Frontline Route

Wuthering Waves Lingering Tunes locations and farming route
Screenshot: PC Invasion

I’ve drawn a connecting line through every target on this route, but you can Fast Travel around to make the journey much quicker. If you’re on foot, make sure you give the Tacet Field encounter by the first marker plenty of room so you don’t trigger the battle.

All of the targets on this route are Spearbacks. Enemy density is quite high around this area, but this can be useful for filling your Data Bank.

Tiderise Cliff Route

Tiderise Route

The Tiderside Route isn’t really a path to follow, but we can take advantage of a massive cluster of Spearback spawns. You’ll find one Spearback to the west of the beacon. If you travel east you’ll find at least three spawns scattered around the area at ground level.

These routes are a little messy but offer the fastest way to stock up on Lingering Tune Echoes.

If you find it annoying to enter your details before you can play Wuthering Waves, there’s a neat trick you can use to bypass it completely.

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