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Wuthering Waves Sun-Sinking Eclipse Echo locations and farming route

Let the target-farming begin!

Echo farming is one of the more grindy activities in Wuthering Waves. If you’re looking for specifics, let me show you some Wuthering Waves Sun-Sinking Eclipse Echo locations and a farming route.

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What is an Echo farming route in Wuthering Waves?

Echo farming routes are paths you can follow to find specific Echoes of the same type. As Echoes respawn daily, you can repeat these routes as part of your daily activities in Wuthering Waves.

For this guide, I’ll show you several routes to find Sun-Sinking Echoes, which are Havoc-based. You won’t always see the same Echoes, but enemies like Prisms, Roseshrooms, Havoc Warriors, and Havoc Dreadmanes (the wolves) frequently spawn in these locations.

Ultimately, following farming routes like this is not essential, but it’s a great way to target specific Echoes.

You’ll run past a few Challenges on these routes, including the Cruisewing Echo Challenge. It’s worth stopping to do these as you find them as they don’t have a map marker.

Qichi Village Route

Wuthering Waves Sun-Sinking Eclipse Echo locations and farming route
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Start at the southmost Fast Travel point on the map and follow the path northeast. There are not many encounters on this route, but it’s quick and easy to memorize.

Withering Frontline Route

Wuthering Waves Sun-Sinking Eclipse Echo locations and farming route
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The route near the Withering Frontline is easy to follow as you just keep heading north. Start at the Fast Travel point to the south, deal with the enemies immediately east, then follow the path northeast.

Enemy density is quite high as you approach the Withering Frontline, and multiple Echo types are up for grabs if you stray from the path.

Loong’s Gaze Suburbs Route

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Screenshot: PC Invasion

I’ve tried to keep the backtracking to a minimum with this route, but there is some walking in between targets. You can start this route from either Fast Travel location, but it is smoother if you start from the one in the north.

Sea of Flames Route

Wuthering Waves Sun-Sinking Eclipse Echo locations and farming route
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Finally, we have the Sea of Flame route, and this one is special as there are a ton of enemies at the end. Start at the beacon to the east and head west toward the Sea of Flames. Inside the rectangle on the map above are at least ten separate Sun-Sinking Eclipse Echo encounters.

I haven’t marked them as enemy density is so high, but you don’t need to venture too close to the Inferno Rider encounter.

Are these the only places where Sun-Sinking Eclipse Echoes spawn?

You can find Havoc Echoes elsewhere, but these routes hit many of them and require minimal fast traveling. While you could technically hit every Echo on the map, the process will take a long time, and you’ll have to memorize a ton of locations.

Following routes like this takes you to some highly populated areas that may make your PC slow down and stutter. There are several Graphics settings you can change if this is happening, as Wuthering Waves is quite playable on low-end hardware.

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