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Perhaps with this mod you’ll see traders actually using these gates.

If you’ve been unlucky enough to pre-order X Rebirth or have read my review, then you’ll know that one of the many game-breaking issues at large in the title is the problem of trade. NPC and player-owned ships don’t seem capable of making basic trades, which effectively brings the economy to a halt. Not an ideal situation for a release that bills “Trade” as one of the four main tranches of gameplay.

A very early mod fix (along with some analysis of what may be wrong with trading) has been released today over at the Egosoft forums, which may go some way towards solving the broken trading. Creator ‘Jey123456’ states that this is a “work in progress” and the installation process is a bit more involved than the usual modding procedure at the moment, due to the early nature of the release. So only give this a try if you read the following instructions and feel confident about them:

For those interested in trying it out. While i did not make a mod of it yet, i can provide a work in progress archive of what i use to work on.

To use it, you will need to add “-prefersinglefiles” without the quotes to your launch options otherwise, many things will not load properly. I also strongly suggest you backup your save file, as there is a chance it will **** it up (altho ideally you should start a new game but well, the fix should work on an existing game).

https://www.jeypc.com/dl/tradeship_fix_wip_0.08.zip to download. Extract it in the root of your X Rebirth folder. To uninstall, delete the aiscripts, index , assets/props and assets/units then restart your game.

People in the thread are reporting a certain degree of success with using this fix, so it may be worth investigating. At least until developers Egosoft release a new, official patch themselves.

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