If you watched any of the Xbox Live coverage of the Republican and Democrat party conferences in August, you’ll probably already know that Microsoft likes to make the events ‘interactive’ by giving viewers occasional questions to respond to (stuff like “Was the auto bailout a good idea? y/n”, which doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for nuance).

You can look forward to the same thing in the Presidential debates between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, all four of which will be shown through the Xbox Live election hub (assuming you have a gold membership). The first debate is about domestic issues and begins at 9.00pm Eastern Time on 3 October.

Bizarrely, if you watch three out of the four debates Microsoft will give you some Halo 4 golden warrior armour. It doesn’t say how much of the debate you have to watch, so you may have to risk sitting through all of it. Not a problem if you enjoy engaging with politics; rather a chore if you don’t.

Source: Major Nelson

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