Judging by the volume of Max Payne 3 hype Rockstar is firing out, the game must be getting pretty close to release. Oh, would you look at that; it is! Consolistas will be able to play it from 15/18 May (US/EU), while the PC Faction has to wait until 29 May/1 June (again, US/EU).
Anyway, today’s news is that once you’ve completed any given single player mission you’ll be able to replay it in a couple of ‘Arcade’ modes. Doing well enough in these modes will net you some bonus experience points (to be spent on new leopard print ties, maybe) and other goodies like avatar awards. Plus the glory of being higher than your friends on the leaderboards.
The modes on offer are the returning ‘New York Minute’, where you have one minute to deal damage (but adds more time for each enemy you kill) and ‘Score Attack’, in which you gain points for every shot that hits its mark and for every kill (and maybe some points for style too).
If you missed the ‘launch’ trailer for the game yesterday, here it is again.


Paul Younger
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