Seattle-based Zombie Studios have only just released Special Forces: Team X, and today they’ve announced an upcoming horror title called Daylight. That’s … going to turn out to be an ironic title, I can just feel it.

    Powered by Unreal Engine 4, the game will cast you as an anonymous lady who wakes up in an asylum and quite fancies finding the way out. Unfortunately for her … uh … for you … the game’s design will incorporate a bunch of procedural level-creation elements, so the building layout will (to an extent) change every time. Yikes.

    You’ll have no traditional weapons, only a flashlight on your phone and (in true Alan Wake style) the odd flare to scare away pesky ghosts.

    The six man Zombie Studios team consists of staff who’ve previously worked on Condemned and F.E.A.R. The story for Daylight is being written by Jessica Chobot (yes, that Jessica Chobot.)

    The game is scheduled to release on Steam later this year, priced in the region of $20 USD.

    Peter Parrish

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