Air Buccaneers

December 12, 2014

AirBuccaneers now free on Steam to spread some holiday cheer

Two years after release, Ludocraft are now giving it away for zero pennies. AirBucaneers is a co-op multiplayer airship battler pitting Vikings against Buccanners where players fly airships and attempt to knock the enemy out…

January 28, 2014

Bundle Stars launches FPS Warriors 2 Bundle

It’s time for another Bundle Stars bundle, and this one’s not half bad. The FPS Warriors 2 bundle slaps eight shooters together for the price of €3.50, and a few of those shooters are most…

December 5, 2012

Air Buccaneers lifts off on Steam

The buoyant battle between Viking and Buccaneer factions begins today on Steam, as Air Buccaneers sees its full release. Priced at $15 USD, Ludocraft’s unusual mix of FPS multiplayer modes and co-operative dirigible control is…

November 27, 2012

IncGamers Plays: Air Buccaneers

Some recent archaeological finds have revealed new, astonishing truths about Vikings. According to a team working under the name ‘Ludocraft’, Vikings often took to the skies in massive airships, to do battle above the land…