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Amazing treasure ahead: Dark Souls 2 beta footage leaks


I’d imagine this is just for the beta, the final version should have full character creation.

These videos are entirely likely to be removed from YouTube in due course, so if you’re interested in taking a look at the Dark Souls 2 beta in motion you’d better get in there and watch them before it’s too late. The limited beta is only available in Japan at present, which would probably explain why all of the menu texts are in Japanese. Still, even if you can’t read that there’s quite a bit to enjoy.

At least I’m assuming there is. To be quite honest I want to avoid seeing too much of Dark Souls 2, so I’ve only really watched enough to confirm that this is indeed footage from that game. The first video shows a spot of white-phantom co-op action, while the second starts off with a cloaked fellow going backstab-happy with a spear. Both videos were uploaded by (ahem) ‘wanko Leo’ to YouTube and come from reddit.

Again, these will probably be taken down soon. Apologies if they already have by the time you’re reading this; but no doubt bits and pieces of Dark Souls 2 beta footage will be popping up between now and next March.

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  • Michael

    This game looks incredible. I can’t wait for it to come out. Thanks for the videos!

  • Shashank

    Thanks man..was dying to see DARK SOULS II in action..this game is probably my most awaited game of the cycle!! DS rocksss !!!

  • gv

    1. The game looks so amazing. As a huge fan of the series, long before 99% of people knew what Demons Souls even was, I was done with the game…. but still need pure bladestone.

    2. How ironic that the person posting the videos summons people right away, and is also horrendous at the game. I’ve never seen someone run from the lowest level of enemies you can face in such a cowardly manner. Try fighting instead of constantly backstabbing you PvPtard. Again, a true showing of how AWFUL most people who think they can play a real game like DeS or DaS actually are.

    3. Really, though… 3 people in a beta test? These games are designed to be played alone for the true feeling of emptiness and dread. Summoning an army completely takes away from what the developers have in mind for the community. Geeze.

  • gv

    Ironic that they disabled comments on the actual YouTube page? No.

    Ironic that the other videos on their YouTube page are all garbage BO2 videos? A resounding NO. So loud in the silence of my room it makes my ears bleed.

    MW3, great single player but awful MP.
    BO2, great single player but awful MP (a carbon copy of MW3, actually)
    BO, awful single player but amazing MP.

    Although I hate Activi$ion, Treyarch had a good thing going… then they catered to the cheap MW3 mentality and made auto aim and super rapid fire guns for the 10 year old kids. Black Ops was the best MP in a FPS I’d seen in a long time. Probably why I was 3700 wins 700 losses.

    I digress.

    Dark Souls 2, I cannot wait for your beta in NA so I can play it proper… alone and terrified.

    • DS Master of Darkness

      What the heck are you talking about?
      You’re not digressing, you’re completely off topic.

  • DavidTheSlayer

    Looks great, can’t wait to get stuck into Dark Souls II. Wouldn’t mind some more classes if possible though.

  • Logicality

    If you would read on the main site, it’s a stress test therefore the summoning is needed to test out the max capacity of players playing on the servers. By the way, it is possible to have 3 players in a game on DaS so I don’t know why you are whining about that. If people want to play with others and water down the developers experience for their own satisfaction then leave them to it, it’s not like anyone questions the way YOU play games. Sucking at the game can also portray the difficulty as well, because killing everything gets old quickly if there is no challenge.

    • Agrim

      The symbol that replaces the humanity counter from DS1 is the same symbol on the Effigy shield of Dark Souls 1 !!!