Dark Souls 2 Calibration 1.10 may not nerf sorcery after all

dark souls 2 crown of the old iron king (7)

Sorcerers, you can probably snap out of all your sad meditating now.

There was much sadness among Dark Souls 2 spellcasters about Calibrations patch 1.10, which appeared as if it would reduce sorcery damage across the board. The update will accompany the release of the second portion of Dark Souls 2 DLC, Crown of the Old Iron King, and looked to be nerfing a number of spells like crystal soul spear.

In fact, this may have been sloppy translation on the part of the official Beyond the Bonfire site. Reddit user ‘mauvecow’ has done a new translation of the original Japanese patch notes, and claims that all of the statements referring to reduced spell damage actually just mean reduced poise damage. That’s a pretty substantial difference in the world of Dark Souls 2.

Doing a Google translation of the Japanese patch notes gives you a pretty rough English version (as you’d imagine) but offers the “amount of damage to the robust level” in the portions referring to spells and sorcery. That, to me, does sound quite a bit like poise damage and suggests the Reddit translation is correct.

Spellcasters, you may not have to worry about your sorcery options after all.

In other Dark Souls 2 news, the Majula Mansion chest will be getting a new item that’ll be available between 26 August (DLC release day) and 5 September. It’s a reskinned Blacksteel Katana and you can see pictures of it at this Japanese site.

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  • Its a shame because sorceries are the most OP things in the game. Whenever I have bad connection and face a spellcaster I just lose all my health in one hit by a crystal soul spear that didnt even come close to hitting me.

  • People who complain about the str of magic really need to stop. I have toons that are faith, int, str, dex, etc and they are all good in their own way. When you pump enough Int to be able to use crystal soul spear and faith to use blinding bolt you deserve to do massive amounts of damage. Not to mention the fact that when you have 40 str with a +10 Great Sword you can swing it as much as you want. Spells you get 2-5 good shots and that’s it. Quit complaining and blaming magic and faith for your losses. Learn how to play against these magic users and get over it. Seriously. The game isn’t meant to be easy.

    • That would be a valid argument except that 90% of mages walk around in fully upgraded Havel armor or Mirror Knight gear. Every match with magic players begins with them casting scared oath, magic barrier, among others I’m not familiar with and then using their magic, which even with their bullshit tank build would still be only mildly annoying but then they whip out their katana or their partizan spear when they’re low on health. Meaning they can use essentially every possible means of attack without any real drawbacks. That’s why spells should be nerfed because mages can wear any set of armor and spam magic without worry.

  • in my opinion they should not have nerfed anything.
    players that are average need strong{OP} spells to get more easily through the game.I would have loved to cheese the bosses with soul ghyser.
    good players laugh at op spells in pvp so why nerf stuff,its you wane be`s that are all the bitches.i am average and like getting op spells to destroy bosses not players.

  • lazerbeak

    well im not sure I understand the pve game at all anymore seems to me you can longer play as a pure spellcaster, if in fact im not sure I see the point in magic in pve at all, the spells just don’t do enough damage to be worth bothering with. only the major big hitters do any damage at all, and theres not enough of them to make them worthwhile except perhaps to soften up bosses.