DayZ Standalone passes 1 million sales

DayZ Standalone

DayZ Standalone is still selling like hotcakes and it wasn’t long ago that it had reached the 850,000 mark. Today it reached a new milestone.

In just four weeks the rough alpha version has now sold 1 million copies according to Bohemia Interactive CEO Marek Špan?l who Tweeted the news this evening.

It’s quite astonishing that a game that is so low on actual content, is riddled with bugs, and one that we’ve even be warned against buying by the developer himself is doing so well.

If you read my impressions piece which was posted earlier today it pretty much sums up the state of the game currently. There’s still so much to do with the game to make it a really exciting gaming experience but that has not deterred PC gamers from buying into the concept.

With the game unlikely to actually be finished until the end of the year or even 2015 the influx of cash will hopefully speed up some of the development process which, let’s face it, has been quite slow.

What is obvious is that PC gamers are having fun running around in a game world with each other, a world that has few rules and one that will bring out the best and worst in all of us.

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  • kenblocker

    I’m playing Dayz since few weeks, and all I can say is this game is awesome.

    This success is perfectly understandable, the gameplay mechanics are inovative, the map is huge & graphics are great. Take a look at http://www.dayztv.com I can’t believe how people find so many funny ideas to play their own game style 🙂

    • juancho

      There are cheaters?

  • sorudo

    i don’t play it because of 2 reasons:
    1.) warZ ruined for me
    2.) i can’t stand PvP and games like this makes PvP way more important then surviving or fighting zombies

    if they come up with ether a co-op or PvE server them i might way to play this but for now, i rather play defiance so i am sure i can’t get shot by a different player.

    • fsj

      So in summary, your opinion of DayZ is affected by a quarter finished (if that) game which was a famous cash grab and a disgrace of a game made to sell quickly on the back of the Arma 2 DayZ mod’s popularity to make a quick buck. That’s like saying you hate CoD so all FPS are shite.

      On top of that you then make a comparison to Defiance, an MMOTPS…I’m not sure you quite know what DayZ is about sorudo. It’s based around 40 player servers, this is not an MMO. Also, the premise of this game has never been about surviving against zombies. It’s about just….surviving.

      There are PvE labelled servers but tbh that will just increase your chances of being killed by server hopping bandits looking to grief you.

      • sorudo

        if it’s not about surviving from zombies then they can just as much remove the zombies, why go to so much trouble to add zombies if they don’t even matter.
        also, if this game is so prone on grieving then who is stupid enough to play this game?
        hacks are bad enough, grievers only add to the problems.

        • fsj

          As Dean Hall states time and time again. This game is not for everyone. This game is specifically designed to be brutal and not hold your hand.

          Also, the zombies are just 1 mob type in a game with several skins. Relatively speaking that’s not “so much effort”. There will also be more zombies in the future to increase the risk from them. Beyond finding your first half useful weapon, the real threat in this game has and always will be bandits. 2 seconds of research can show you that.

        • PsychicMint

          I think this is all I need to say: We’re stupid for liking a game that you don’t like? Kinda getting cocky and arrogant there, I see. And now I shall type my opinion: Bandits and griefers are what makes this game amazing, because the zombies are easy to cut down. What better thrill than filling up your inventory, and then coming across “Shoot-on-sight” bandits, and strategically slaughtering all 5 of them single-handedly, nearly losing all your stuff in the process? If this game didn’t have those amazing moments, I doubt it would have reached 1 million sales before at LEAST late-alpha.

          • fsj

            Well said. This game captures those moments so well.

          • sorudo

            yeah, it would make 2 mill within a few days, or am i so arrogant all of a sudden…..