Dirty Bomb closed beta key quick giveaway – Enter here

dirty bomb

This weekend Splash Damage are holding a Dirty Bomb closed beta stress test and we have a few keys to dish out.

With the closed beta now ramping up with new players and development of the FPS gathering pace, now would be a good time to check this out for yourselves.

On Saturday 28th (which is later today) between11AM PDT / 7PM GMT until 12PM PDT/8PM GMT there’s a special stress test. It’s a tight testing window but as an incentive Nexon and Splash Damage are giving away 2 Dirty Bomb skinned iPads to randomly selected winners. Worth a punt if you have an hour to spare on Saturday evening and want to try something new.

There’s only one thing you need to join the action and that’s a closed beta key. We can hopefully help a few of you out with that.

To be in with a chance to grab on of our keys just post a comment below and we’ll pick a few of you before the test starts then send you a key.

If you love team and class based shooters then this is definitely worth your attention, especially if games such as Quake Wars got your mouse fingers twitching.


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  • Soken

    I would love a key! Really pumped.

  • Demik45

    please and thank you 🙂

  • I’d really like a key if possible

  • Paul Younger

    Guys, I have PMed you all a key. Should be time to download the game before the test starts. Enjoy the beta 🙂

    • do you have anymore keys, i could use one );?

      • Paul Younger

        Not at the moment Hakeem.

  • DogDropper

    I REALLY would love to get a BETA key code for Dirty Bomb I hear it Really a Cool new FPS.

  • howgamersplay

    I hope it wouldn’t be too much to ask for two beta keys, My friend and I would love to be a part of the beta! 🙂

  • i want a key plz

  • Ipimus


    8 8 8 8 ,ooo.
    8a8 8a8 oP ?b
    d888a888zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz8 8b
    `””^””‘ ?o oP’

  • Ipimus

    *sobs unconsolabley!!* was.. *sob* a nice big *BWAAAHAAAAA!!* key… WHY NO WORKEE??? WHY?? WHY??? *footseps run off into distance..door slams.. muffled sobs ‘all I wanted was a key…a little ol key’..more sobbing into the distance!!

  • i want key too 🙂

  • i want key too

  • Paul Younger

    Keys are all gone for now guys. Need to be faster 😉

  • lazerbeak

    could not just assume I want a key for the next time and save me commenting?

    • Paul Younger

      So Lazer does that mean I just keep everything aside for you as a regular 🙂

  • Really want one! Game looks GREAT!!!

  • please one key for me <3

  • lazerbeak

    no I was joking 😀 that would make me uncomfortable 😀

  • lazerbeak

    these “competitions”? are quite fun actually

  • mrhorsev2

    I want a key please i want !!

  • Scire

    A key would be nice to get. 🙂

  • Scire

    Ahh didn’t read those comments there nvm then

  • i would also like a beta key to this game i have been waiting for one for a long time dont know why they changed the name from extraction to dirty bomb but been waiting a year or so i think and still nothing

  • This’d bring a real smile to my face if I won, so please and thanks in advance.