Division of labour: Petition to bring The Division to PC closes on 60,000 sigs

The Division

Since its reveal during the Ubisoft E3 press conference, The Division has whet a few appetites in the PC community. For now, the confirmed release platforms are just Xbox One and PS4, but Ubisoft has at least made some vague comments about “not ruling out” other platforms in future. That was enough of an incentive for the folks at Reddit to bung up a petition (after all, it worked for Dark Souls.)

Right now, that petition (started by a chap named Sean Tyler) has gathered around 59,000 signatures and shows no signs of slowing up yet. As an MMO-like title focused on survival in a post-infection world, you’d imagine The Division to be a good fit for the PC. Ubisoft, however, appear to want us to beg for it first.

So, if you fancy a bit of Tom Clancy Division action on your desktop, it might be worth popping your name down on the list. Then Ubisoft can agree to release the game on PC as well, and then delay it in hilarious, traditional style.

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  • Kiroptus

    It looks amazing, I would play the hell out of it on my PC but I wouldnt buy one of the consoles just for it.

    Exclusivity has lost a lot of its power, no matter how amazing some game might look there might be an alternative or a better game (and not necessarily similar) elsewhere.

    I believe the exclusivity to consoles is probably a deal with Xbox1 and PS4, which obviously see the PC as an enemy and one that pretty much everyone already have, its hard to compete against that. I feel that this game will eventually come to the PC, if it doesnt… well its ubisoft’s loss then.

  • Dan

    i just waiyt. all wayt. to Buy PC version Division