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Double Fine offers you a sip from their Massive Chalice

Double Fine Massive Chalice

After the breakaway Kickstarter success of the adventure game that became Broken Age, Double Fine is returning to the crowd-funding well for another drink. What will they store all of this watery crowdfunded cash in, I hear you ask? Why, a Massive Chalice of course.

That was quite tortured, sorry.

So, Massive Chalice. It’s a game of bloodlines, strategy and turn-based tactical hitting things with swords. Based on the pitch, I’d say it sounds a bit like the bloodline-preserving bits of Crusader Kings II, mixed with X-Com-ey combat and Double Fine’s design aesthetic. Does that sound like THE BEST GAME IN THE WORLD? Maybe.

A lot of people sure think so, as it’s raised $88,000 USD of its $725,000 USD goal in a matter of hours. And in the time it took me to write that sentence, the total just went up by another $2,000 USD.

Take a look at the pitch-perfect pitch, below. Then have a read of the lovely Kickstarter rewards you can gather for backing the project.

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