Updated 23/11 New code appears – Fallout 4 teaser code reveals two new mystery dates

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Update: 23/11/2013

No rest for the teasing as far as Fallout 4 is concerned because a new cryptic code appeared on the site not long after the one above.


It all looks complete gibberish until you realise yesterday’s two dates below were keys to deciphering this message (mondayfriday was the key to decipher this one). When  the new message is deciphered it was written backwards. Flip it around the right way and you get

The quabbin reservoir is seven zero four two two nine nine

What is the Quabbin Reservoir? According to Wikipedia it’s the largest inland body of water in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and was built between 1930 and 1939.

Thanks Jacuella in the comments for letting us know.

Original story

This evening the latest teaser addition to the Fallout 4 thesurvivor2299.com site has fans a little more puzzled than yesterday’s update.

A new code has popped up and Fallout 4 fans rallied to decipher the latest teaser which reads:


This new code is not using the same cypher as yesterday’s so it’s taken some time to figure out.  This site was a help to finding the Vigenère Cipher used, and according to the people who have been attempting this one it spits out a couple of dates translating to:

one two two seven two zero one three || one one two five two zero one three

So there are apparently two dates revealed, the first date arrive on Monday (11/25/2013) so could that mean more of a reveal at the start of next week? The second date is more of a mystery (12/27/2013) and it falls at a rather weird time between Christmas and New Year.

I hope you’re having as much fun with this as we are and feel free to start speculating as to what the dates actually mean.

Thanks /r/Fallout and Ericbrighteyes.

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  • Rushster

    You have to admit this is some great marketing by Bethesda, I have been having a blast following it over the past week. Gets the old brain ticking 🙂

  • Joast

    The dates (11/25/2013 and 12/27/2013) could be release dates. I could be wrong though.(American and European possibly?)

    • guest

      too early for a release date. maybe a teaser trailer or an announcement.

  • VaVaViolet

    You are killing me Bethesda. AHHH. I am on the edge of my seat.

  • WOW

    What if… they already have the game made and ready to put on the market within a week… without anybody knowing.. If so I would be nerdgasming…. but unlikely

    • sorudo

      that would be a killer, then again, it would also be the first game ever that doesn’t bother with campaigns to overhype it and later on have bad reviews when the game does suck.

    • Rushster

      That would be damn amazing if they did 🙂

    • Bradley

      i would nerdgasming all over your face

  • clampdown

    This is just President Eden messing with us.

  • crazy old jack

    mayby it is the end of the world

  • Jacuella

    There is another code up, check it out.

    • Rushster

      Thanks Jacuella, updated the story above.

  • PembrokeWelshCorgi

    There are two ways I like to think about this. If it’s fake, I wonder what the point of this is. Imagine someone making all of this up? And for what reason? The second, if it’s real, then I really do appreciate an alternative form of marketing that actually encourages people to think and analyze instead of shoving the product in our face until it’s all we can think about.

  • Ryan

    That reservoir is 65 miles away from Boston. If they keep this to a reasonable scale, we may very well be experiencing one of the largest game worlds created.

    • Ryan

      Better yet, its 80 miles to MIT

  • blarg

    tried 800 and 877 fro the reservoir # but still busy

    anyone get the message?

  • Mike

    What about the morse code playing in the background on the site?

  • Brooks

    new code out. saying “Nuclear winter is coming in 6days 14h 53m 36s”

  • Bradley

    2004 27th of December – Radiation from an explosion on the magnetar SGR 1806-20 reaches Earth. It is the brightest extrasolar event known to have been witnessed on the planet.

    and its the second date for something but that was in 2004