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Flower power: Bethesda’s latest weird message is some burning sunflowers

Flower power: Bethesda’s latest weird message is some burning sunflowers


Bethesda is continuing its campaign of weird advertising today, with a new Vine-posted loop of some burning sunflowers. You can add that imagery to the video released yesterday, which showed some barbed wire and a pair of vinyl LPs.

Pete Hines (of Bethesda) has already suggested it’s nothing to do with Fallout, and the theories yesterday (thanks to the barbed wire and Bach LP) seemed to zero in on a new Wolfenstein, possibly from the studio Machinegames.

Burning sunflowers, though? That makes things a bit more confusing.

It could, rather than Wolfenstein, be hinted at the first signs of Shinji Mikami and Tango Gameworks’ Project Zwei. That title is supposed to be a survival horror, so unnerving strangeness is perhaps to be expected.

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  • Tim McDonald

    Congrats, Peter: that’s possibly the best tagline I’ve read in awhile. I’ve been begging for a game in which we irritate famous painters and composers for years now; I can but hope Bethesda has listened.

  • sorudo

    i don’ think it has anything to do with the sunflowers, look beyond the flowers and you’ll see a man at front of an early or present age apartment building.
    a bit sweaty so it might be summer and maybe the man and the sunflowers burning has something to do with warmth, could be a surviving game or post apocalypses other then fallout.