New free SimCity DLC sponsored by insurance company

free SimCity DLC

Maxis continue their free SimCity DLC releases with the help of more in-game product placement. We’ve had a car manufacturer and event toothpaste, now it’s the turn of an insurance company. Yes, an insurance company.

Now available for free through the in-game launch screen page is the Progressive Office, a new building which will help you insure your city against any disastrous mishaps, like giant lizards for example.

What does it do to other than shove some advertising in your face? This building improves the happiness of shopping sims and insurance can be purchased for all your buildings placed in the city. The amount you spend on insurance cover is up to you depending on what you want to get back when a disaster strikes.

If you hate insurance companies then avoid this because you’ll see Progressive’s little vehicles driving around to assess claims. That may just send you into a rage. Remember, this is free.

I wonder what’s next for the sponsored DLC? Why not lawyers, we all love lawyers.

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  • jose

    As long as it’s free.

    I don’t see anybody complaining when some sheep made a custom building of McRonald’s for sc4 and sc2013.

  • rn506

    It’s actually a good feature. Was playing a city the other day, running in the green, but strapped for cash.. a lizard or some sh*t comes along takes out my power plant, dump, police station and a few other things.. kind of sucked.