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Infinite Crisis closed beta “preferred access” key giveaway

Infinite Crisis closed beta “preferred access” key giveaway


It’s time for another beta key giveaway here on IncGamers and this time you can get your hands on a closed beta key for Warner and Turbine’s upcoming superhero MOBA Infinite Crisis. Using this code will speed up the acceptance process.

All keys have now been taken.

  • To redeem the beta code you need to fill out the form on the official website  (The code must be typed in the field for “preferred access code”)
  • Once the form has been completed it should be good to go.
  • If anyone has problems with picking up a key, send a PM to Rushster and he will assist you.

Game Information

Infinite Crisis is a bold new entrant into the wildly popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre.  The game delivers a heart-pounding competitive player vs. player battle experience set in DC Comics  legendendary Multiverse.  Featuring the deepest roster of DC heroes and villains ever assembled, Infinite Crisis puts players in control of twisted incarnations of their favourite characters from throughout the Multiverse such as Nightmare Batman and Gaslight Catwoman, playing in league with such well-known characters such as Green Lantern and The Flash.


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  1. Slightly misleading.
    Preffered Access Code != Beta Key

    • I have corrected that. The information we received was not quite correct on this which is frustrating. Still, get the code because it will speed things up and we are following up with WB on this one.

  2. beta key infnite crisis plx

  3. beta key not ready

  4. Help please? Nothing happens after I click the “Get key!” button.

  5. Yea it did the same thing for me too. Fix it please

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