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Let’s Play Total War Rome 2 – Macedonian vs Rome video

There’s some more action from the Total War Rome 2 front today in a new video which features CA’s Al Bickham taking on the mighty Roman army with his Macedonian forces. This video shows an open terrain skirmish match from a defensive position. This is well worth a watch if you want to see some more of the game’s features in action.

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  • Kodes

    It does look good, but so far my favourite of the series has been Medieval 2. Empire and Napoleon really lowered the strategy, and Shogun 2 just didn’t do it for me. MTW2 Kingdoms just had the right mix of real time battles and strategy to work for me.

    Regardless, I’m going to buy it 😛

  • DavidTheSlayer

    Yeah I’ll get this as well. I think Al should have not put his cavalry in the forest, partly for the disruption but also for stealth, I’ve never heard of a load of horsemen with horses moving through a forest quietly, not even in the Total War series.

    His general shouldn’t have been used to chase down routing units, instead he should have put him behind enemy lines to support troops or hit the Roman general unit with is own after giving em a volley with his ranged units. By deploying abd keeping a static formation early, Al seems to have let the AI take advantage of his position which seemed smart.