Mod Makes Half-Life 2 Prettier

A mod which updates Half-Life 2 to run on the engine of The Orange Box has been released.”Half-Life 2: Update” reworks Half-Life 2 to work on the rejigged Source engine used in Half-Life 2: Episode Two in The Orange Box, updating the models and textures, adding in high dynamic range lighting, and adding in Achievements.This makes the game look a whole lot better and evens it out with the current-gen console version, although some users have reported some minor graphical issues. We suspect these will be fixed as time goes by, although Valve apparently intends to release a similar, official update at some point in the future, going by this interview transcription.You can check out a video comparing the new version with the old here, and another showing off the Achievements here.Links to the files can be found here, while a torrent link is apparently floating around on page eight of the thread. You will, however, need copies of both Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

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