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Molyneux muses over follower AI in latest Godus broadcast

What’s going on over at 22Cans today? Well, thanks to the now-daily update from Project Godus we can have a look. Eschewing the comfy sofas of the past few updates, Peter (Molyneux) and Jack (I don’t know his name) are this time sat behind a desk. Jack’s feeling and sounding a bit ill, which means Molyneux gets to handle most of the update.

Unleashed from Jack’s calming influence, he embarks on a baffling and hypnotic exercise where he begins to demonstrate the AI routines of your followers by doodling on a nearby piece of concept art.

I was a bit distracted by all that, but I think I was still alert enough to pick up the suggestion that your followers will (to a degree) behave like individuals, rather than a homogenous mass of citizens.

The promised images showing some of the god powers from yesterday’s video haven’t, sadly, appeared. Instead there’s a new bit of art showing some of the followers (above).

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