More Path of Exile Sacrifice of the Vaal expansion details

More Path of Exile Sacrifice of the Vaal expansion details

Path of Exile
Grinding Gear Games has updated their teaser page for The Path of Exile Sacrifice of the Vaal mini-expansion which releases on 5 March. Included in the small update are some of the features that will be added in the content update. These include:

  • Secred Corrupted Areas
  • The Vaal Orb
  • Vaal Skill Gems
  • New Challenge League called Ambush
  • New Hardcore Challenge League called Invasion
  • Free for all PvP in the Sarn Arena
  • Improved Cut-throat Mods
  • Relics of the Past – New unique Items

This week also saw the release of a few new expansion shots which show a corrupted rare item, corrupted unique item and Unset ring

The teasing continued earlier today with a short ten second video of some action.

More detailed information on the mini-expansion’s new features will be coming on 1 March when a press embargo lifts. Hopefully at that point we’ll really get an idea of how far-reaching this update will actually be for the ARPG.

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  • David Reid

    Looking forward to the new skill gems.

  • GladiatorSquirrel

    Maybe i’m missing something but will there be some new content to explore? I will not bother to go back to POE for new micro transactions, gems and some new items.

    • DavidTheSlayer

      I think Act 4 coming but later than the Vaal stuff IIRC. If you’ve played too much POE and fancy a change, have you looked at Grim Dawn?