PC games of 2013: The semi-definitive list, with release dates


 Jane Jensen's Moebius

Jane Jensen’s Moebius (Pinkerton Road) – Release Date: Summer
A “metaphysical thriller” from point-and-click veteran Jane Jensen. Play as genius antique-appraiser Malachi Rector as he’s pulled into a space-time conspiracy involving a dead lady and a government agency called F.I.S.T. No, really, that’s the plot.

dota2 (3)

DOTA 2 (Valve) – Release Date: Summer
Some obscure game that Tim likes to play.

Dragon Commander

Dragon Commander (Larian) – Release Date: 6 August
What may very well be the world’s very first jetpack dragon simulator, with added RPG and real-time strategy elements.


Europa Universalis IV (Paradox) – Release Date: 13 August
The joy of huge maps rekindles its life-long love affair with the history of global nations in this latest Paradox strategy behemoth. With your guiding hand, Cyprus can rule the world (possibly.)

Payday 2 - 2

PayDay 2 (Overkill) – Release Date: 13 August
Overkill’s co-operative heist sequel will feature more jobs, more tools and more terrifying clown masks than Stephen King’s imagination. Better change your Steam name to Robin Banks now, before everyone else is doing it.

Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity (Avalanche) – Release Date: 18 August
Disney looked at Activision’s Skylanders and said “yes, we too would like a money generation machine.” Hide all information about this game from the Pixar-obsessed children in your household, unless taking out a third mortgage for some digital Ratatouille figurines feels like a reasonable budgetary decision.

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (2K Marin) – Release Date: 20 August
Otherwise known as that XCOM game hardly anybody wanted, until Firaxis made a turn-based one and it didn’t seem quite so bad any more. It’s been in development for seven years at this point, so the design direction may be a little unstable. For now, it’s a 1960s-based, third-person squad shooter with an XCOM theme.

Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV (Volition) – Release Date: 20 August
In Saints Row IV, Keith David is the vice president of the United States. I don’t mean Keith David is voicing a fictional vice president, I mean he is voicing himself. As vice president. That’s the type of game Saints Row IV is. It’ll also feature an alternative-reality version of Steelport in which the Saints have super powers. I mean sure, why not?

Splinter Cell: Blacklist (2)

Splinter Cell Blacklist (Ubisoft Toronto / Ubisoft Shanghai) – Release Date: 20 August
If rumours are to be believed, torture is out and proper sneaking is in. Sounds like good news to me, but Splinter Cell has been dipping in quality for a while now so we’ll have to wait to play it first. No Michael Ironside in this one, but plenty of terrorists and Tom Clancy fan-fiction are guaranteed.


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  • Asteria

    I had no idea so much was incoming.

  • Asteria

    Don’t get me wrong half that shit I wouldn’t touch with a barge poll but still lots coming out.

    • Peter Parrish

      That’s probably for the best, unless you’re loaded.

  • Tim McDonald

    With regards to past South Park games, South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play! was actually a decent TD game that was stuffed full of references to (and clips from) the series. On the other hand, that’s the only decent South Park game I can think of. For the rest, “well I guess it’s OK” is actually a hell of a compliment; the first-person shooter and Chef’s Luv Shack were both weeping arsegravy of such low quality that they actually killed my family. (They didn’t actually kill my family.)

    To prevent accusations that my only contribution to this piece is nitpicking: looks like an interesting six months. There’s a bunch of stuff in there that might well end up being terrible but could be genuinely interesting anyway (like Dark), plus the release of some of the higher-profile Kickstarted games.

    Speaking of Kickstarters, Shadowrun Returns doesn’t appear to be on the list. I’m not quite sure how I forgot about that when you were corralling suggestions. Sorry.

    Also, I’m not reviewing Outlast. Just saying that right now.

  • Dareka

    That’s a lot of games. I’m able to buy some of them(that I’m interested in) but do I even have enough time to finish those few?