PES 2015 on PC to have worse visuals than PS4/Xbox One

pes 2015 (3)

On the PC his face is just 8-bit pixel art.

For reasons best known to Konami, the PC version of PES 2015 will apparently have lower quality visuals than those released on PS4/Xbox One. This is a bit of a slap in the face for PC users keen on the upcoming game in the series.

Despite most gaming PCs being capable of running of fancy graphical effects in the 1080p resolution/60 fps combo without breaking sweat (particularly when it comes to football games,) Konami have decided that our platform isn’t worthy of the full suite of lighting and texture effects that’ll be coming to the ‘next gen’ console versions.

That news comes from PES 2015 “European Brand Manager” Adam Bhatti, who broke the disappointing information on twitter.

Spinning this as “better visuals than a pair of consoles from almost ten years ago!” isn’t really going to work. He clarifies the graphics differential a little bit in a follow-up tweet, stating that the lighting and textures will be “different” on PC.

In case you’re wondering whether this is some huge misunderstanding, this next tweet should clear up the fact that, yes, for inexplicable reasons the PC version of PES 2015 will look worse than on Xbox One and PS4.

Gameplay is great. I love gameplay. The point is, when it comes to PC games you generally don’t have to choose. For PES 2015 not to have graphical parity with the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game is absurd. For reference, PES’ direct competitor FIFA 15 will look and play the same on PC, PS4 and Xbox One this year.

It also sounds like the PC won’t even be getting that 17 September demo (note the “console demo” in the next twitter posting,) though should hopefully get one at some point. Poor show all round from Konami. Really, disastrously poor.


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  • Nasarius

    But…the Xbone just uses DirectX, doesn’t it? You’d have to work really hard to mismanage your project badly enough so that you can’t share most of the rendering code between Xbox and PC.

    Not that horrific mismanagement is anything new or rare in software development, of course. But they could literally throw out everything they have for PC, and just take the Xbox version and port it to Windows in a reasonable timeframe.

    • Peter Parrish

      I think they both use pretty similar architecture to a PC, so it’s quite baffling really.

      • Paul Younger

        Just shoddy!

  • Tim McDonald

    Isn’t this the Fox Engine? I am suddenly losing faith in the PC version of MGS5.

  • Andrew

    This is obviously Konami not wanting to undermine there next gen console sales by having a pc version that is even equivalent to the console version. Absurd is the word.

  • Fruits

    I can’t understand how konami can do it so wrong. I play PES since ISS and i never got so frustrated with Konami. So the downgrade PC version claiming this deed to be about “accessibility and quality”. Yeah Konami, really nice way to fuck it up all again. After the disaster of 2014 the least you could do was to invest on the strongest platform around….the PC, still you cannot do it properly. Fuck it, i am on to FIFA. No more money from my wallet.

  • UNTA

    no demo = no buy = torrent pls

  • bill

    ill hold judgement until its released, if it dont look as good as ps4, ,xbox one,if anything it should look much better with the power of most pc s these days.

    If Konami cant be bothered nor can i with my hard earned wedge.