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Play the Dirty Bomb alpha test now for a price

Splash Damage have now launched their Alpha test for their team focused FPS Dirty Bomb and you can take part now for a price.

As part of their development process, Splash Damage are offering the “Legendary” pack for $120 which comes with access to the alpha test which has now actually launched. In an update on their site they added:

We have always believed that multiplayer is more thrilling than single player. We’re dedicated to the perfection of team play. We are committed to developing games that our fans can enjoy for months and years.

We’ve taken the unprecedented step of opening up Dirty Bomb’s alpha for private testing by fans. Sign up now to help shape Dirty Bomb!

We agree, multiplayer is more thrilling and if you’ve got the cash then then this could be a way to help shape the game. It is expensive but the Legendary status comes with other perks…

  • Instant Access to Closed Alpha *
  • Legendary Founder’s Tag
  • All 5 Founder’s Mercs at launch
  • Limited Edition Digital Art Book
  • Limited Edition Soundtrack EP
  • Legendary Gun Tag
  • ‘Dirty Bomb Insider’ T-shirt


To coincide with the Alpha opening, Splash Damage also released a new video which shows more gameplay footage and also demonstates the system they have developed called Echo which they are using  to analyse playing patterns to help them improve the maps. It’s pretty neat stuff.

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  • Right, okay I did it. 120 bucks lighter. As a Quake Wars fan I could not be arsed to wait any longer to try this one out so I buckled and bought it. Hopefully a bit more balanced than QWs.

  • DavidTheSlayer

    120 bucks cough*CallForFreeBeta*cough ahem…at least the analytics looked cool, thought that was rather smart tech in there monitoring the game.