Surgeon Simulator mystery text nothing to do with Half Life 3 says Bossa


It’s been an interesting 48 hours for Half Life 3 rumours following the strange Korean text appearance in Half Life 2 and then in Surgeon Simulator. What can this all mean?

Half Life 3 super-sleuths have been trying to figure the mystery text,  but this morning Surgeon Simulator developer Bossa Studios put pay to any cryptic Half Life 3 clues following the discovery of Korean text on the bottom of the medic statue sitting on the desk in the game.

We’re big Half Life fans, and would love to hear any news about HL3, but alas brave internet warriors, this is not the clue you are seeking. It’s nothing to do with any Valve games, or any other game studios other than ours. đŸ™‚

There you have it, even though Bossa has now gone on record to say there is nothing in this discovery, if this is not the clue we are seeking, does that mean there is still a clue out there we should be “seeking”? The mystery continues.

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  • mmmmss

    When hl3 will be finished they will come out and say it. Valve is a company that would scrap hl3 and start it over if it doesn’t meet their high expectations.That obviously happened at least once.

  • Kiroptus

    If Valve is really planning on making their own “Console-PC” or whatever hardware they may release, I would predict HL3 as a launch-title but news about the fabled “Steambox” are scarce now.

    But its quite obvious that HL3 is on development, Valve just wont reveal too much about it so it doesnt jynx its development/release like it happened on HL2, where there was a fire that delayed the project and also the whole incident about people stealing the alpha code and distributing it on the internet. I think that as soon as they officially announce HL3, it will be already close to release and I think thats much better that way.

    HL3 is a title that needs no hype to build, if they came out on say that it would release tomorrow it would still sell like crazy, without the need to cook the playerbase for months/years with previews/marketing/trailers.

  • sorudo

    i really don’t see what the fuzz is about, HL2 is cute at best and i really don’t see what’s so great about having a HL3 comming up.

    • Kiroptus

      Well its easily one of the most antecipated PC titles, just like Diablo 3 was and even tho there were people that didnt quite get what was the hype about Diablo 3, the audience to buy it was there at launch when it sold 10 million copies on the first 2 weeks. HL3 will have a similar fate due to its expectation (hopefully it will turn out to be better than the abomination that D3 was), there are some people who arent fans of HL but there is a huge ammount of players who are eagerly expecting the title.

  • Alex King


    The Korean text means Time

  • Alex King

    So it might be telling us to wait for something new…