Tears ahead: No Dark Souls 2 beta testing planned for the PC

dark souls 2 (6)

We won’t be doing this until release day on PC, probably.

With a pair of beta sessions planned for Dark Souls II on the PS3 (12 October and 27 October respectively,) we here at IncGamers wondered if there would be any sort of equivalent coming for the PC version of the game.

Unfortunately, the answer appears to be “nope.” A representative from Namco Bandai told us that there is “Nothing for the PC build at the moment I’m afraid. I’ll let you know if we get more news.”

That’s a bit of a shame, especially as the PC was said to be the “lead development platform” for Dark Souls II this time around. Still, as long as we get a version with proper resolution, graphics and control support this time, all should be well.

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