Titanfall beta opening for all PC gamers in “next couple of hours”


Were you unlucky enough not to make it into the first round of Titanfall beta test keys? The good news is that testing has been going rather well and as we reported it’s going to be opened up.

Respawn has just posted that anyone who signed up through the Origin My Games Library will be getting their hands on the game in around two hours time.

Tim has been busy in Titanfall all weekend and his thoughts will be incoming soon but make sure you’ve signed up so you can take this for a spin yourself.

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  • SLowrAM

    I was excited give it a go, (obviously not enough) until I realized I hadn’t installed Origin since redoing my system late last year. Not worth installing Origin for me, since I am not a multiplayer shooter fan, but gotta admit game looks fun and I was going to give it a shot until I read about it needing Origin installed to do so. If I had an XbOne I’d be all over it. Little bit sad how consoles are now the ones that don’t require 3rd party launchers (aside from the hw itself).
    I like Steam and all but it’s bad games don’t all also include standalone option when purchasing.

  • izuah

    Many THx for the info. No confirmation via e-mail but i checked in origin library as You suggested and BAM! – got it 😛

  • Sparky Lawrence

    I totally agree with you about the 3rd party launchers. I suppose it goes with the territory though of being a PC gamer. I’m really enjoying the beta by the way, great fun!