Total War: Rome 2

December 5, 2013

Total War: Rome 2 gets Baktria as free faction

Another free faction has been released for Total War: Rome 2, and this time it’s Baktria’s turn up to bat. Apparently, Baktria was originally a part of Alexander the Great’s empire, and acted as a…

December 4, 2013

New AMD Catalyst 13.11 beta 5 driver

AMD users can now upgrade their drivers to the Catalyst 13.11 Beta 5 drivers to bring their systems up to speed. This update includes all the additions in the previous beta drivers and also adds…

November 1, 2013

Total War: Rome 2 patch 6 and patch 7 status update

An update post from Creative Assembly over at the Total War forums contains details of the developer’s plans for Rome 2’s patch 6 and patch 7. This is most likely in response to the less…

October 11, 2013

Total War: Rome 2 patch 4 goes live

As is becoming the norm, Friday means that another patch for Total War: Rome 2 has gone out of beta and is available for all. Peter wrote a few bits and bobs about what was…

October 10, 2013

Total War: Rome 2 beta patch 4 gets an update

Beta patch 4 for Total War: Rome 2 is still, well, in beta. Today, it got a new update adding a variety of fixes for things still afflicting the Creative Assembly strategy title. If you’re…