Paradox and Fatshark have announced that more than 100,000 people have signed up to join the armies of the Yorkists and Lancastrians in the War of the Roses beta, with the first wave of keys set to go out today. If you signed up but haven’t received one yet, don’t despair; more will be going out soon enough.

“Our goal right now is to make sure every last person who signed up gets into the beta, but forging 100,000 swords takes a while. We’ll be letting folks in, following the priority order we’ve set, and I’ll see every last one of you on the battlefield!” says producer Gordon Van Dyke, whom I secretly hope is yet another member of the Van Dyke family from Diagnosis Murder.

War of the Roses will be available to pre-order from 20 August. You can still sign up for the beta, here.

For a bit more history on the real-life Wars of the Roses, watch the latest behind the scenes video (featuring the beautiful city of York).

Peter Parrish

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