CD Projekt Red, Robot Entertainment, Freebird Games, Recoil Games, 1C Company, inXile Entertainment, Paradox Interactive, Autumn Games, N3V Games, Trion Worlds and Core Learning.
All of those have are now official ‘third party partners’ with EA, meaning their games will appear on digital distribution serivce Origin.
As yet, none of the above publishers’ games have been confirmed for Origin. But, presumably, EA will be working hard to get CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher games on the platform, ditto with Paradox Interactive’s range of strategy games.
The likes of THQ, Capcom and Warner Bros. had already signed up to the service. 
Steam beware? Let us know what you think below?
Further, our latest podcast (episode 66) talks about the Origin/Steam rivalry and what two distribution platforms means for the consumer. Listen/download it here.

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