13 Wacky Gaming Articles

This past week we had a theme on the site called Wacky Week. The editors all chose odd, weird, or silly topics to write about. It was a great exercise for stretching the creative muscles in our brains and shaking out our cobwebs before E3. And it made for some really wacky reading. But, it wasn’t just on Gaming Enthusiast that we had these articles. Our sister site, Nintendo Enthusiast, also held a Wacky Week. Now that the week is over, we have compiled all 13 wacky articles in one convenient place. You can look over all the links and read whichever ones you missed.

From Gaming Enthusiast

Wacky, Weird, and Disturbing Fan-Art

The 5 Greatest (Worst) Video Games To Bless This Generation

The 5 Most Amazing Plants In Gaming

The Hidden War of Deus Ex: The Coffee Wars

5 Atari Games That Should Be Made Into Movies

Michael Bay Currently In Negotiation To Produce Lumines Movie

Top Five Most Adorable Elves/Knife-Ears In Gaming

Alternate Reality: What If Sony and Microsoft Had Made a Console Together?

From Nintendo Enthusiast

5 Signs That He’s The Right One For You

NE’s Exclusive Fake Interview With Miyamoto

The Wacky Nintendo Page Full of Surprises

The Psychology of Wackiness In Games and Life

The Nintendo Enthusiast Medley

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