15 locations Watch Dogs 2 could be potentially set in

Watch Dogs may have fallen short of its initial hype but there’s no doubting the fact that it is still a good game with some genuinely fantastic ideas. There’s almost no doubt that Watch Dogs will get a sequel which begs the question of where the next game should take place. Chicago was great to explore but there are so many other cities that could make a great back drop for the next game.

In this article published by GamingBolt and written by Rana Vikramaditya, you can read about 15 different cities that would be great for Watch Dogs 2. From London, Beijing, San Francisco, and more. Some of these cities are known for the massive amounts of surveillance camera’s constantly watching whilst others are known for their first rate internet connections. Using real facts like these could really help Watch Dogs 2 be immersive and could also teach us about our surroundings like Assassin’s Creed does. You can check out the article HERE.

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