Wargaming.net founder Victor Kislyi has said that he believes his company’s flagship title, World of Tanks, has the highest percentage of in-game purchases in the free-to-play gaming sector.
Speaking in an interview with Edge Magazine, Kislyi that said the in-game purchases are “I think the highest in the industry. Something between 25 and 30 per cent.”
He went on to explain that all items are designed to be fair and that “there are no kill-them-all items. You have to manoeuvre, understand what’s happening on the battlefield coordinate with friends.”
World of Tanks currently has over 20 million registered users, five million of them based in Russia – where the game originally launched in 2010. Peak concurrent player count (CCU) in the country hit 422,000, a number that Kisyli believes rivals World of Warcraft’s Western numbers:
“I don’t believe World of Warcraft in the West had half a million CCU,” said Kisyli.
Source: Edge #240

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