With news-aplenty released today about Firaxis’ XCOM: Enemy Unknown (the modern take on the classic turn-based strategy and base building original), some may have been wondering what became of the ill-fated FPS ‘remake’ being developed by 2K Marin.
Simply called XCOM, the last we heard about the game was that it had been pushed into ‘fiscal 2013’ (a period stretching until 31 March 2013). Apparently that wasn’t pushing the game far enough into the future, because now it’s due in ‘fiscal 2014’; meaning it may not show up until 31 March 2014 (but could arrive as ‘early’ as 1 April 2013).
This has led to some speculation that the title may be re-written to take advantage of an inevitable wave of new consoles (which are anticipated in the next couple of years). Maybe the new delay is just to give the team time to remarket the title as Dark Skies: The Game instead.
In the same financial report that revealed the XCOM delay, Take-Two revealed an annual net loss of $66.8 million USD (in 2011 the company lost $22 million USD).
Source: ir.take2games.com

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