3.5 million Guild Wars 2 copies sold with 460K peak concurrent players

ArenaNet are wanting to tell the world how popular Guild Wars 2 now that the game celebrates its first anniversary.

In the past couple of months the ArenaNet development team has been analysing player patterns and theu made thee bold decision to release fortnightly updates to keep the players engaged with the game. So just how well is Guild Wars 2 doing in the flooded MMO space?

In a new blog post, ArenaNet’s Mike O’Brien commented:

“So in this first year we’ve ramped up to make Guild Wars 2 the best-supported, most-updated online world in the industry. And if you ask me what stands out most about our first year, I’ll tell you, I think the number one thing we accomplished was reorienting our company to be able to update the game so much. In the first eight months after launch we shipped eight major releases, and then in the subsequent four months we shipped eight more major releases. We’re releasing new content every two weeks. Think about the power of that. We’re now updating Guild Wars 2 about five times as often as the typical MMO.”

If you can’t be arsed to read the blog, this inforgraphic gives some idea of how well the game is doing with 3.5 million sold and a concurrent player number of 460,000. Not bad at all.



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