The gaming industry makes a ton of money every year, and it’s really not hard to see why. Gaming has become an increasingly popular past time and new advancements in tech and hardware only make it more enjoyable. As good as all this is, there are downsides, gaming can be an expensive hobby. Don’t get me wrong, it don’t think we get ripped off (not often) but it’s true that not everyone can afford to pick up every new release on day one.

Worry not though, in this article published by Games Sphere and written by Ryan Nehse, you can check out his seven practical tips for making the most of your cash and getting as many games for as little cheddar. He also gives you tips on what consoles are good for budget gaming and how Trophies and Achievements can add a huge amount of replay value. You can read his thoughts right HERE. 


Some of his ideas include getting free games from PS+, waiting and finding deals or sales, saving spare change and budgeting properly, renting or borrowing from others, trading in your used games to buy cheap used games, and even making the most of your current games by increasing their longevity with trophies and achievements.


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