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Beta signups open for Gotham City Impostors
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Beta signups open for Gotham City Impostors

If you are, at this very moment, running around in Batman pants pretending to be a super hero then this news about Gotham City Impostors is probably directed at you.
Sign-ups are now being accepted for a closed beta session of the Team Fortress 2-ish, multiplayer shooter, which will begin in September. This means it’s time to start planning your outfit. Should you be a slender Batman who wears a bandana and bright pink spandex shorts, or a gigantic obese Joker in an obscenely patterned jacket? Decisions, decisions.
The beta sign-up form seems rather US-centric, so you’ll have to pop in a genuine “zip code” if you wish to partake. I recommend 90210. Don’t worry about pretending to live in America, it’s all in the spirit of the game.
Here’s a video reminder of just how thoroughly sensible the title is going to be.
Source: gothamcityimpostors.com

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